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NMC's girls' school gets ISO 9001:2015 certificate

Nashik: The Nashik Municipal Corporation's (NMC) girls' school 73 at Ambad is the first school to be ISO 9001-2015 certified civic school in the city.

The school has also been certified for academic excellence, overall development and good attendance.

Savitiribai Phule NMC School No 73 in Ambad village boasts of a huge playground, excellent building with necessary infrastructure and overall development along with academics, tree plantation, beautification of the premises, slogans and messages on the walls and notice boards, sign boards, a chappal stand, curtains in the classrooms, vermiculture compost project, digital classroom, computer education, e-learning, disciplined record of the school, cleanliness, teachers' identity cards, uniforms, library, laboratory, free cancer awareness for students' mothers, lectures on health, celebrating dandiya and other festivals.


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